Pied Piper Pest found it’s beginnings in Memphis, TN, Originally founded in 1984 by Don Barnett a safety inspector and Pest prevention expert at a large distribution company Kroger. Back then some forms of rodent control involved walking around the warehouse in a 3-piece suit with a .22 rifle eliminating any live rodents- (control methods, dress, have come a long way). In 2000 2nd son Ryan Barnett intrigued by being self-employed (he calls it customer employed) and not loving the cubicle life ventured part-time in the business to work nights and weekends to see if it would be a good fit.

Loving the business Ryan went full-time to work for Pied Piper and to present day enjoys the fruits of the labor of providing Quality service to the greater West Tennessee and North Mississippi areas of the mid-south. Jaden Barnett son of Ryan has expressed interest in the business as well. Being 21 we will see where we head in the future of this great industry.